Offshore Wind & Energy

The combination of strength, low weight, ductility, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity can be found in the various aluminium alloys available. Weight saving and reducing the life time cost for maintaining constructions marks the two major advantages using aluminium. and breach the way for intensive use in any topside construction – living quarters, bridges, platforms etc – on oil and gass platforms. And within the booming offshore wind market aluminium is all ready a well known construction material increasingly used for internal staircases, ladders, platforms, structural applications and cooling profiles as well as marine applications.
With reinforced surface treatment aluminium is even used for multiple sub sea components



CASE : With the know how to optimize the unique properties of aluminium for you offshore and marine products with the help of alloys and a variety of production processes the advantages of innovative design your next project is already well on its way to success. Add to that the cost saving potentials in limited maintanence over the life time of the offshore components and a highly valuable material for recycling at the end of product life.


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