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A huge potential to reduce the energy consumption of European buildings at reasonable costs lies in the supply of aluminium components and systems both for new buildings and the renovation of existing buildings. Intelligent facades incorporating aluminium systems can decrease energy consumption in buildings by up to 50%.


Aluminium has a high strength-to-weight ration - a unique property which allows architects and building constructors to meet required performance specifications, while minimizing the dead load on the supporting structure. Using aluminium alloys which is by nature weather-proof and corrosion resistant, aluminium surface treatment by annodising or lacquering ensure durability with optimal perfomance, low maintenance costs over a very long service lifetime.




CASE: Let your architects and building constructors team up with our extrusion, fabrication and surface specialists. The extrusion process offers an almost infinitive range of forms and sections, allowing architects and constructors to integrate numerous functions into one profile. Rolled products may be manufactured flat, curved or shaped into cassettes or in sandwich with other materials. In addition, aluminium can be drilled, cut, screwed, welded, riveted and soldered in our production or on the building site.


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