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With 2,700 kg/m3 the density of aluminium is one third of that of steel and makes it the ideal light-weighting material for the automotive industry chasing energy efficient component which both face and meet the challenges of lower co2 emitting automotive solutions of the future.


To obtain weight savings in engine and transmission parts, chassis and suspension parts or bumber systems based on extruded profiles or casted aluminium components you need to know the complex relationship between the properties of aluminium and the strength, stiffness and formability, … – you need design and construction skills and access to optimized fabrication facilities.


In OneStopAlu.dk we add our competences and fabrication facilities together and look for close partnerships with our customers to increase the potential use of aluminium applications in automotive sector and maximize the benefit of using aluminium solution.



Before & after redesign of aluminium space frame


CASE : The final redesign and construction solution for aluminium space frame ended up beeing double as strong, weighting only half of the original frame on top also bringing forward a cost optimized solution.


The design approach using advanced profile bending techniques instead of many welded joinings demonstrates the truth that it takes a lot of know how and skills to make it simple!!


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