Touché from Alfred Priess:


Future light pole is self-sufficient - and in aluminum


In connection with the Copenhagen Climate Conference the Danish Alfred Priess launched a glimpse of tomorrow's light pole. The mast, which is made of aluminum, is self-sufficient with its combination of solar cells, battery technology and diodes.




The solar cells that are located along the mast in the extruded aluminum, provides for enough energy to power the individual mast, so that it is self-sufficient. With the built-in battery technology, there is even the ability to store energy.


"Now it's finally possible to combine design and good conscience ..." says Alfred Priess abouth the CO2 neutral light pole, designed by architect Bjarne Schläger - with Alumeco as a sparring partner on aluminum.



Future-proof and sustainable


In both design and selection of recyclable materials Touché are future-proof and sustainable. The mast tube is aluminum, where the flexible solar cells are placed and integrated directly into the mast structure. Outside the cells are placed in a acrylrør that protects the solar cells. The light part is based on diode technology that provides just the right light. Touché is completely cable-free.


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