All projects benefit from the ability to gather the right team with the specific experience of the requirements of your industry. A close cooperation with your R&D and product development team is the best place to start the process and enforce our ability to complete projects on time and to budget. You will deal with specialists and teams which never stop looking for ways to improve the quality and efficiency of the aluminium solutions.


Please have a look at our individual qualifications:

AlmexA - Advanced machining of Aluminium




Advanced machining of Aluminium



AlmexA is a contract manufacturer which deals exclusively in aluminum. Our core competencies lie in design,development, processing and production of highly refined aluminum products such as thin-walled parts in a variety of styles.

World class machines and expert machinists allow us to fabricate these difficult-to-manufacture parts with the speed and precision our customers need to keep their projects on schedule. We have a variety of CNC
machining centers, including 4- and 5-axis models.


Specialized structures including floor sections, bulkheads, landing gear struts, window frames, wing skins and seat tracks.


Design and development of cabinets for sensors, cameras, chassis part, front panels and instrument panels





Alumeco - Aluminium Solutions





Alumeco - Aluminium Solutions

Aluminium plates, aluminium bars, aluminium tubes, aluminium profiles and aluminium coils. Aluminium is our world. 

With an extensive stock and our own service center, Alumeco is geared to meet most demands within aluminium and with day-to-day delivery.

Our staff of specialists and technical counselors are ready to solve your special tasks. We make sure that the right solution and the best product is delivered on time and at the agreed place. The customer is always in the center at Alumeco, and with a customer satisfaction of 96% we are the leading aluminium supplier.


As far as Alumeco is concerned, there is only one goal for our customised solutions concept, which we call “A”-solutions. It is all about developing solutions tailored to your company’s needs and the specific task at hand. This applies equally whether it is a profile that you will be processing, or a turnkey solution, where Alumeco is responsible for processing, finishing, mounting, packaging, maintaining buffer stocks and all the other functions where we are on home territory.
Alumeco A/S was established in 1983. Since then the company has expanded and today the group has several subsidiaries abroad. For more information, please view our subsidiaries and visit our websites:



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Alu Technologies - extrusion design and fabrication specialist





Professionel developer of unique aluminium solutions

ALU TECHNOLOGIES AS is a professional supplier with 25 years experience in design, development and processing of solutions containing extruded aluminum profiles.

ALU TECHNOLOGIES AS is one of the leading Danish companies in the production of aluminum components. We can thus be active as a sparring partner within our network and our customers when they are consulting, development, prototyping, mass production and optimization.
The company has approx. 5,500 m2 production area. In recent years we have invested heavily in equipment and premises.

One of our greatest strengths in consulting and product development is to master almost all machining methods. Therefore we are impartial and focused on customer needs by draft choice of method. Internally alone we can offer shortening, milling, turning, punching, bending, welding, gluing, for chromning, product optimization, design and prototyping.

We develop and produce special machines for prototypes, bending and punching tools, fixtures, etc. This ensures proper know-how to use and quick remedy for failure.





Gustav Oestergaards Maskinfabrik - Professional bending





Professional bending


further information soon to come

Gustav Oestergaard is a highly modern metal fabricating company specialized in bending of aluminum and steel extrusions






HAI Horsens - surface treatment specialist



Northern Europe’s widest range of surface treatment for aluminium

A/S HAI HORSENS is a modern B2B company with Northern Europe’s widest range of surface treatment for aluminium (anodisation) for offshore applications, the pharmaceuticals industry, the armed forces and the construction and transport industry, among others.
The company has over 60 years’ experience of the surface treatment of aluminium. This means that we are able to quickly start on even very specialised manufactures.

The anodisation process
The method is an imitation of the natural protective process of the aluminium, but in the HAI process oxidation is performed quickly, in clean surroundings and is fully controlled. The protected surface becomes more colour proof, thicker and stronger. The protective layer is approximately 100 times thicker and therefore more durable compared with the natural process. At the same time it is corrosion resistant, dirt-repelling and electrically insulated.

Anodisations at A/S HAI Horsens
At HAI we offer a range of anodisations.

  • Anodisations
  • Hard anodisation
  • Chromic aid anodisation
  • Ematal


Colouring for indoor and outdoor applications
At the same time we are able to control colouring very accurately during the process. This provides our customers with design opportunities and various advantages, for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Our quality lives up to the highest standards quality-certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and environmentally managed in accordance with ISO 14001.





SiOx - Strong and Sturdy Glass-on-Aluminium Coating





Strong & Sturdy Glass-on-Aluminium Coating 
SiOx is specialized in a new, innovative Glass-on-Aluminium coating. The patented, unique thin film provides a dense and flexible coating that effectively protects the aluminium substrate from corrosion and/or provides new, attractive and desirable surface properties.
The surface technology represents tomorrow’s solution for the use of aluminium. Glass-on-Aluminium is a game-changer that enables companies to further evolve and take new market positions. New business opportunities emerge when new process applications can be addressed.
The coating provides unique and unmatchable properties. The solution combines the high heat conductivity and ductile properties of aluminium with the non-corrosive and chemical inert properties of glass. Therefore, coated components can be used in tough, aggressive environments where only the toughest solutions can withstand the conditions.
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Metalpres Haarby - hot-pressing, machining and coating




- hot-pressing, machining and coating

 Metalpres Haarby A/S is a reputable total supplier for the hot-pressing, machining and coating of details in a numbers of various aluminium alloys. Since the establishment of the company in 1979, an experienced and committed workforce has played its part in winning Metalpres its place among the major Northern European hot-pressing companies.


Aluminium, the multi-potential metal whose properties of low weight, high strength, good ductility, good malleability, corrosion - resistance and good surface finish are available to everyone through hot-pressing. Through our contacts with leading metals suppliers, Metalpres can help you find the right alloy. There are alloys for nearly every purpose and only your imagination can set the limit.
With our hard-won expertise and technical resources, we have naturally become an integral part of many of our customers' development and production systems.
With our network of fellow independent suppliers, we have found it easy to take on full responsibility for our customers' products. Metalpres boasts the most modern production equipment, constantly renewed in line with technological developments.

Hot-pressing is recommended to complicated geometries and by demands for increased strength and density.






SECURE – the optimal casting solution






Your partner for the right aluminium casting

We are surrounded by molded Solutions from Secure. This applies to both the street and in industry for example.; The red mailboxes. lights, scanners, wheelchairs, dental equipment, ventilation swings, gear housings, pump housings, bearing shields and parts for design furniture etc.


Long and widespread experience
A / S Secure has since 1942 delivered cast parts in aluminum and zinc and copper alloys. We are not tied to one single process, but now has 5 different casting methods:

  • Sand casting of aluminum and copper alloys
  • Chill casting of aluminum and zinc alloys
  • Low pressure MOULDING aluminum alloys
  • Die casting aluminum and zinc alloys
  • Precision casting aluminum, copper and steel alloys.  

Every production begins with an analysis of the task. It forms the basis of what we can advise on the casting method that is optimal for each task.


The optimal solution
Any task is solved with the optimal casting method, to ensure the best results - both concerning quality and costs. We are available for seamless solutions for many industries in Denmark, and the rest of Europe.

Our management concept is built on close cooperation within our network aiming at finding the optimal solutions for each project. We therefor take solutions beyond the castings, including also finished and coated products, ready to assemble. It saves logistics, inventory and resources.





SKAMOL - global supplier of insulation materials



Your partner for optimized insulation lining solutions

Skamol has supplied insulating materials to the Primary Aluminium Smelter Industry for more than 50 years, and is now the leading producer of insulation materials for aluminium electrolysis cells globally, supplying insulation brick, vermiculite and or calcium silicate board or shaped solutions, as well as low-alumina fireclay brick and silicon nitride-bonded silicon carbide slabs.


The casthouse furnaces and anode baking furnaces often use Skamol back-up insulation, and we are constantly looking for new applications in the aluminium industry which require insulating materials with superb thermal conductivity to conserve energy, material properties suitable for aluminium, easy to install kits etc.


Our insulation materials are also used in steel and other high temperature industries as well as domestic heating, passive fire protection, mold remediation etc.





Sjølund - leading bending specialist





Credible Partner & Bending Specialists...

Our clients consider us to be a credible partner with an interesting relationship between price and service, also by individual pieces.

You will find our references throughout Europe and beyond in the world, e.g. in the German Bundestag in Berlin, at the streets of Gothenburg or out of Bermuda.


Bending Specialists...
Solving complicated tasks with intricate bending of special profiles is one of our specialities.
Through time we have even been able to master bending tasks that customers thought were impossible.

Many of our bending solutions have even contributed to help the progress of customers’ product development and often lead to large savings.


Bending plates...
In our plate rollers we make cylinders, coverings for columns, windows, facades, machine shields and suchlike.

The plate rolling can also be combined with press-brake bending so elegant solutions, without welds, are achieved. The latter is tailored to the customer’s requests without high tooling costs - both for one-offs and serial production.
Versatile aluminium profiles according to the Sjølund standard
We bend everything from small standard profiles for windows and facades, to the biggest most complex profile sections, which are used, for example in bus and train manufacture.

Sjølund rolls anything ranging from small standard profiles, window and facade profiles to the very largest and most complex profile cross sections, such as for the construction and transport sectors.
Our management system complies with international standards ISO 9001:2008 for quality management and 14001:2004 for environmental management.




Stantræk A/S - advanced processing in sheet and coils





Welcome to Stantræk A/S - an international contract manufacturer based on processing in sheet metal and coils

We specialize in consulting, development and production of complete solutions.

We have the history of more than 40 years of experience and knowledge combined with the most advanced technology.

Stantræk A/S is certified in accordance to international quality and environmental standards DS/EN ISO 9001:2008 and DS/EN ISO 14001:2004.

Furthermore we use tools such as PPAP Lev. 5, APQP, FMEA, and 8D reports from automotive TS16949.










WEISSENBORN - Documentet quality for demanding applications





Documented Quality for demanding applications


Wind-Offshore-Industrial solutions

Weissenborn is a highly modern metal fabricating company. We produce aluminum, steel and stainless steel components. We source parts from carefully selected suppliers, which enable us to deliver assembled solutions as well as kit builds.
Our focus area is industries which work within sustainable technologies.
Weissenborn has special expertise, knowledge and experience within wind industry. Our wind industry business includes manufacturing of tower internals as well as nacelle solutions. We understand how wind turbine manufacturers operate, and we’re experienced in meeting their business needs and technical requirements.
We’re an approved supplier of critical components and solutions such as fall protection systems and lifting equipment. We also produce doors, stairways, supports, railings and covers. We’re delighted to deliver kit including parts sourced from our range of qualified partners. All kits are assembled, documented, quality checked and packed on our own premises. All kitting are done according to our documented quality assurance program.
Our welding procedure specification and quality assurance system allows us to be a well-equipped player on offshore constructions.
Our manufacturing processes are controlled by advanced IT capacity planning systems, and we easily adapt to meet individual orders. This enables us to deliver even the most complex orders quickly, flexible and with documented quality – both for assembled solutions, kit builds and components.

Geared to professionalism – Organized to flexibility

We document our product quality – Certified by Lloyd’s – Checked by third part

Weissenborn – Your reliable partner for solutions.





VST/JAI is specialist in gravity die casting and welding of aluminium





A/S VST INDUSTRIES stands for:

  • System deliveries to the iron, metal-working, and construction industry.
  • Sheet metal working of aluminium, regular and stainless steel.
  • Welding of aluminium, regular and stainless steel.
  • Development and design.
  • Project planning and calculations.
  • Planning and production preparation.
  • Project management.
  • Follow-up service.
  • Our welders are certified according to EN 287-1 and EN 9606-2 and have operator certificates pursuant to EN ISO 1418
  • Our welding procedures are qualified according to EN 15607 and most of them are also approved according to PED 97/23 and Norsok M101/102.
  • VST maintains a quality management system and certification pursuant to EN 1090 EXC 1,2,3,4 and EN 3834-2, as well as for EN 15085-2 level CL1.

JAI - gravity die casting

JAI is one of the largest aluminium foundries in Europa with more than 60 years´ experiences in gravity die casting. Sales Director Keld Thornvig Jensen +45 99 27 11 20