The concept

Partnerships is the road to maintain and develop tailormade aluminium solutions of the future – from single components to turnkey solutions. is a network consisting of the leading forces in the Danish aluminium world. 29 member companies specialized in construction, fabrication, machining, advanced joining, forming and surface treatment add to that a valuable network with Scientific institutions and Knowledge centers.

With our dedicated teams and market specialists, we understand your industry already from the beginning. Partnership will bring us in a position to tell you where and how much value we can add to your products.

Our mission is to establish trustworthy long term cooperation with our customers. We believe that partnership with our network helps you stay competitive with up to date, more complex and cost efficient solutions where all the benefits of using the light, strong, corrosion resistant and 100% recyclable aluminium is part of the solution.

Let us make an effort in setting up a tailor made team to meet with your specialist and challenge the future

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